Thank You Denver & What’s Next

September Vintage Sale, Denver, CO

I want to send a huge thank you to those of you who visited our final VINTAGE EXTRAVAGANZA sale at Plank & Pearl last weekend! It was wonderful to see some familiar faces, and I truly appreciate those of you who have been attending our sales since last spring! Hopefully, you found some unique treasures at bargain prices!

The three-day sale was busy and fun, and many of our shelves are empty. Most of the vintage sofas and chairs are gone, though we have quite a few of wicker pieces still available. I think the most popular item we sold was vintage glassware, and most of it went home with customers who are planning a wedding, thinking ahead to holiday tables, or just want a set for everyday use at home. They are lovely, indeed!


Although we won’t have another giant Plank & Pearl sale again this year (since our inventory is largely sold) we will be offering some pop-up shopping opportunities in November and December that will include other vendors with their own unique vintage and antique merchandise.


We’ll send an announcement later this month, as well as an introduction to our online shop of curated vintage pieces. And we’d like to remind you that we offer home styling services, party design, and sourcing help for those seeking special vintage furniture, rugs, artwork, and decor for home or office.


Halloween is just around the corner, and we do love spooky vintage decor! Look for our upcoming blog about decorating for the holiday with thrift store finds and DIY projects!




Styling My Daughter’s Wedding with Vintage

When my daughter became engaged last October, most of my friends assumed I’d be lending a hand in the design of the wedding. As the owner of a vintage wedding rental business, it wasn’t a big leap of imagination—but a few took me aside quietly and said things like, “Do you think it will be stressful to work with your daughter?” “Have you ordered a barrel of wine to get you through the next nine months?” Or simply, “Oy vey!” and “best of luck!”

July Wedding at Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Bride and Groom were a pleasure to work with

But I have to tell you that my daughter and her fiancé are two of the silliest, most joyful people on the planet—and they’re very good at making decisions. I recommended some of my favorite wedding vendors, and fairly quickly they had secured a date, the venue (Denver Museum of Nature and Science), a photographer, a DJ, and a day-of-coordinator. After trying on two wedding gowns, my daughter fell in love with the second one and took it home on a snowy December day. I have worked with “bridezillas” over the years, believe me, but that stereotypical character just never showed up as my daughter checked things off her wedding list.

Alligator style terrarium for Denver Museum of Nature and Science wedding of vintage stylist Plank & Pearl’s daughter.

Elephant and Unicorn Figurine Centerpieces by Plank and Pearl

Vintage Curiosity Terrarium Centerpieces

My design contribution was overall help with planning and details, as well as creating centerpieces, signage, a furniture lounge, welcome table, and escort cards. Since the wedding was held at the museum, it was an easy decision to use vintage design elements that echoed the “nature and science” aspect of the setting. We incorporated rocks, fossils, shells, and bones in the thirteen terrariums used as centerpieces. And since the wedding dinner took place inside a darkened diorama room featuring animals in faux native environments, we added faux succulents and plastic animals just to keep things fun.

Wedding Card Box by Plank and Pearl Denver

Bridesmaids Gift-Vintage Handkerchief from Plank and Pearl Denver

Other Special Vintage Details

We chose colorful globes, vintage postcards, and a vintage sewing drawer to decorate the welcome table, and the bridesmaids carried vintage handkerchiefs to dab away some emotional tears. Tucked in a corner by the bar was a seating lounge, with a vintage velvet sofa and chairs. Needless to say, it was a beautiful, fun, and incredibly meaningful wedding—but that’s another blog altogether! I loved being a part of the creative collaboration with my daughter and her wonderful husband and will treasure the memories we made.