Coleen Hubbard headshot.jpg Coleen Hubbard - Owner/Founder

My love of vintage began in childhood, when my siblings and I accompanied our father to weekend auctions, where he performed as the Auctioneer. As much as I was fascinated by the strange yodeling sounds coming out of his mouth, I was more interested in wandering backstage, peeking into cardboard boxes of full of old stuff. Dusty stuff, yes. But cool stuff, too. And lots of unwanted books. Many of our favorite childhood books were auction leftovers, carried home at the end of a long night and a sleepy drive home.

It follows, of course, that I became a collector of vintage goods in adulthood. An avid collector--which is often the reason one eventually becomes a seller! After successful years selling on Etsy and eBay, running a pop-up retail store, and participating in local vintage markets, I realized my beautiful and sometimes quirky collections would be fabulous to rent for weddings and events.

It helps that I've always loved parties and special occasions, which also became apparent in childhood. One of the first parties I planned and executed all on my own was a goodbye party for my 6th grade friends before I had to move away. It took place in our family room on an imaginary airplane made up of two rows of folding chairs, complete with crepe paper seat belts. As the flight attendant, I served my passengers ice cream and cake from a TV tray, wearing my mother's high heels and a jaunty scarf.

I call myself a serial entrepreneur, and PLANK & PEARL is perhaps my third or fourth career. But everything I've done shares the thread of creativity. I have published over a dozen books, made two documentary films, had plays produced around the country, been an actress and voice-over talent, taught writing and drama, and produced creative events for women. When I'm not at estate sales, I share my Denver home with my brilliant and funny husband Larry–-who is also a writer–and our rescue dog Otis. We have three daughters who are out in the world pursuing their own passions and dreams. After work, you can find me in the garden, on the bike trail, cooking vegetarian food, curled up with a book, or going through some dusty carton of stuff!


Natalie Bograd.jpg Natalie Bograd - Marketing Manager

Natalie Bograd holds an MA in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She has a background in social media marketing, most recently at the Downtown Austin Alliance (a non-profit focused on promoting and improving downtown Austin). She recently moved back to Denver, and is excited to be part of the Plank & Pearl team!